The new PTPH Form is now in use and will reach PTPH hearings by 29 July on the Production environment of DCS

Improvements include enhancements requested by users and updates to reflect changes to the CrimPR and to Practice Directions.

Further information and guidance is available here;. 

You can also interact with the form here on the DCS training environment.

This website is intended for Training Use Only.

This is the Training website and Model Office for the Crown Court Digital Case System. As this website is for Training Use Only please do not add live cases to this system. If you do need to access the live system please click here.

Click on this link to the Guidance Page to view the following:

  • Standard File Structure (revised March 2018) – setting out to which section items should be uploaded.
  • Better Case Management Handbook.
  • Simplified Standard Witness Table (revised March 2018).
  • Defence and prosecution Certificates of Readiness.
  • A link to the Training Materials including Quick Reference Guides and videos.